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Dusting off Goodreads

We tend to have cycles, in our social media. Okay, maybe that's just me?

I have had blogs, hither and yon. Social gathering sites. (Does anyone still have Myspace? LiveJournal?) Facebook, MeWe, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr . . . I am sure to have missed, oh, a lot.

Goodreads is a social media site as well, after a fashion. A place where you can connect with readers and writers. Authors post there. You can write and leave reviews for books. All sorts of things. It's a place I hadn't logged in to until this morning. Not for, oh, years? Maybe?

As always, when one ventures into a place one hasn't been in a while, I had to poke about. The layout was different. I have to get in touch with a Goodreads Librarian because my book list is a mess. I had to update my profile, etc.

But I was there to do something specific. I added a new book for the first time in, well, a while. It was time to add Mac's Daring Heart to my booklist. Click on the book cover, here, to check it out!

Mac Cunningham, my heroine, is the bass guitarist for the Lipstick Outlaws! The books begin to drop on September 6th, with Rissa's Rebel Heart by Sydney Logan. For all the books, check out www.lipstickoutlaws.com!

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