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Acknowledgment Page, Unplugged!

Updated: Oct 11, 2019

In Mac's Daring Heart, my "front and back matter" didn't make it to the presses, which made me very sad.

But! I have a website, do I not? Of course I do. And I can write and link and thereby show everyone ALL THE WONDERFUL PEOPLE I relied upon to create Mac's Daring Heart, published by Sweet Promise Press.

Mac's Daring Heart is dedicated to my brother and sister, who have given me sterling examples of sibling-hood. The ups and the downs, the laughs and the shouts. They're the best.

Sydney Logan: Instigator and Encourager!

She asked me to submit for consideration for the series and was an awesome series lead. Fielding my weird questions and such every other day is a trial, I’m sure! I may have congratulated her when I sent in my finished story...no more headaches from me! :)

The Bass Player. Yes, Gerry Punongbayan himself!

He and I have been friends for more than thirty years and he was willing to share his bass-brain (hahaha) with me when I asked him what was going on in there. He gave me tips, ideas, and answered weird questions in Facebook Messenger. He's the bass guitarist for the Ranch Rockers in Temecula, California and the band supports up and coming artists in their area. He's also a member of his church's worship band!

The Guide and Beta Reader, Wendy Perrotte!

As my little sister, Wendy gets stuck with all the oddities, to be sure, but she's not only familiar with Music City/Nashville, she is also a first-class beta reader. Meaning, she reads through my draft and finds anomalies and asks me questions and—most important—laughs at my jokes. Sometimes, she's the only one who does! ;-)

And of course: My editor, Kathie Spitz!

This woman has read everything I have ever published, anywhere. All the words. She rocks the "tracking changes" function in the doc and knows what I'm trying to say even if it isn't quite right, yet.

Between Wendy and Kathie, I manage to sound much more coherent!

Many others who have been GENEROUS in letting me borrow minutes, words, and ideas:

My sister-in-law, Becky Frederick, for her familiarity with violin practice and lessons. She's played for years and knows the instrument and where to find more information.

Scott Siegel for the "bass notes" and the Happy Mondays!

Tinarita Alves for the perfect word: "otherpeoplescooties". It gave me a whole idea to play with. Micah was never the same, after I saw that.

Gregory Prather for the wedding song idea; authenticity is a thing!

Friends on Facebook for participating in the "shoe" discussion. Patient folks, my friends are.

And last but most certainly not least: My husband, Joe!

He's my go-to "guy" brain when I need my personal hero to get into the head of my fictional ones. For ages, he's given me the freedom to deal with my "imaginary people" and encouraged me to have fun with them. God has been very good to me. :)


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