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Day Five

This keyboard looks rather like mine. I like the backlighting, even if I only rarely type in a dark room lately.

For me, the "what" of typing is important. My keyboard is still suffering from intermittently disobedient keys, which can totally derail the writing train. Ugh! Your "ugh" might come from a different source. I've heard:

  • Work is super-busy.

  • Children are loud/uncooperative/Always There.

  • Holidays are driving someone mad.

  • Just can't keep up with the daily word count.

  • The words are not coming.

All of these are real reasons. They are all impactful on writing. Every single one of them. Home and family are most definitely priorities, and writing is work. I know all of this.

If during this first week you're feeling daunted by any of the above reasons or other perfectly sound reasons of your own, that's okay. Just don't give up entirely! Try for 1K a day, maybe. Or 500 words. If you don't get to 50K, you are STILL succeeding if you're writing your story.

You are, after all, the only one who can tell it.

So keep at it. You're 1/6 of the way through November now, which might not seem very far, but progress is happening!

I hope!

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