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Do You Need a NaNo Support Squad?

When I started to write, being a novelist was basically, for me, working in a vacuum. I had ideas in my head that no one else really cared about. (My guys weren’t into Regency Romances. Go figure!) But I wrote anyway. For that first year, I wrote nearly incessantly, with the understanding of course that I was also a stay at home mom to a preschooler.

This solo approach does not work for everyone, I know. When there is a big push for productivity, it is helpful to have folks who get it. For many in the NaNoWriMo insanity, this means finding other writers who are also pushing for 50K in 30 Days. Or for finding sympathetic folks who will cheer them on from the calm sidelines.

Only you know what kind of support you’d like to have during NaNoWriMo. Sometimes, just putting up the Official Icon (don't get me started on the helmet) will get folks on your side, with pom poms and a virtual beverage-of-choice when you need them. Sometimes, you can meet others when you register for NaNo. And sometimes you can ask family and friends to be there for you during the month.

If you need support for the thirty days, don’t be hesitant to ask for it.

If, though, you don’t want support—if you write best solo—that is totally cool as well! Not everyone wants someone shouting “Hey, hey! Write today! 1.6K all the way!”

Or something equally cheesy. ;-)

For many writers, just writing it down and keeping track of their totals is enough. Surprise and amaze your friends when, at the end of November, you sport the NaNoWriMo Winner badge!

NaNoWriMo has a page that is filled with prep ideas as well. Check them out here. There are writing tips as well as organizing tips. If you are feeling insecure or are simply curious, check them out!

Two weeks until Day One!

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