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The Prep Talk

No, that wasn't a typo. :) I do enjoy Pep Talks, but before NaNo gets rolling, all those planning on participating often stress over preparing for the month. And it can be stressful, so that's cool. Basics for Prepping for NaNo:

*Remember: This is voluntary. Keep it in perspective. *Every gain of words is a gain for your work in progress. The usual "daily goal" for NaNo is 1667 words. But you know what? If you can get 300 words done in a day? That's 300 more than you had the day before, so this is a plus. *Prepare your family/friends for your immersion into the chaotic mindset of a writer with a deadline, if they're not used to it. Promise them chocolate in December if they'll just let you work. ;-) *Whether you're a "pant-ser" or a "planner", have an idea of what you want to write before NaNo begins. You can't write your work in advance, but you can TOTALLY plot and plan for it. Need to research? Read now. Want to get some inspirational music? Find it now. Require atmosphere? Establish it now. Get all in train before you begin, so that you're comfortable and feel ready to go. *If you're signing up for NaNo and do well with having teams and accountability partners, find them. Chat a bit. Get comfy with them. *Leave the EDITING PENCILS somewhere else until December or even - gasp! - January. Resolve that you will write, not edit, not fuss, not fidget, not second-guess yourself for an entire month. "Sandi," you might be asking by now, "are you doing NaNo?" "No," I answer with a small smile. I have on multiple occasions written 50-75K in a month and have no wish to remind myself that I can. Besides, November is not a month I can give 30 days to writing, due to family get-togethers and school things and so on. Also, I don't work on Sundays, so that knocks things down by a few days. I actually do my most productive writing in the summer when I am not watching a clock all day. (School stuff for my son!) Three weeks to go . . . will you be entering NaNoWriMo?

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