Christian romances are stories about the development of a loving relationship with another person while also tending to the all-important relationship with God's son, Jesus.

Sometimes, the tales are poignant. Sometimes, they're playful.


Always, though, I hope to show my love for the Lord in the pages.

An Unexpected Woman

It was enough to see him. To see the somehow breath-stopping dimple at the corner of his mouth when he smiled at her.

“You know, for two people who have talked their phones into near spontaneous combustion,” she remarked at last, after sipping her own soda, “we sure are quiet. Suppose we’ve run out of things to say?”

“Doubtful,” he responded immediately. “Highly doubtful.” He sipped again, still smiling. “Honestly, I’m just enjoying being with you. It’s been a while.”

Silent Music

After clearing her throat, she extended her hand. “Glenna Ross. I live next door.” They shook hands and Noah felt himself wanting to let go as if he’d been scalded. It was highly unsettling. All at once, he seemed to see all of her, from the top of her glossy brown curls to the toes of her white running shoes. A very neat figure in denim shorts and t-shirt suitable to this warm September evening.

The shirt only then caught his notice. It was bright blue and had a line written on it in Hebrew, with a Bible verse reference: Genesis 3:11a. It had been a while since he had read Hebrew, but Noah was definitely intrigued. More than he
liked. He told himself that he would have been interested in the woman as a person even if the t-shirt hadn’t been on such an attractive form, but he didn’t do very well.

As a matter of fact, he was feeling rather . . . warm.

Summer's Music

She relinquished her wheeled suitcase to him and he offered to carry the smaller case as well. She refused.

He cracked a grin that actually felt sincere. “Now, Tuesday. You know my mother raised me to be a gentleman.”

“A gentleman. Yes, I remember.” A second passed as she considered his offer. At last, so it seemed to him, she surrendered her smaller case, too.

Brendan didn’t know what what to say after that, so fell silent. He asked the Lord for a way to connect with her, even it it meant keeping that long-ago image of her in his mind. He believed that the Creator of All had a reason for pretty much everything, and even a father’s heart attack could be used to His good purpose. Tuesday Tennant had been a member of God’s family, still was, but she had forgotten how to relate to the others around the dinner table.

Lord God, help me. Give me the words to say, but please don’t let me run off at the mouth. The girl I used to know is in there, somewhere, and I’m willing to bet she’s pretty lonely.

Justin's Second Chance

“You know my mom?”

He’d faced his country’s enemies over a field of battle. He’d helped establish bases in hostile territories and had confronted death on behalf of his men. Somehow, all that those experiences had taught left him in the heartbeat it took to look at April.

“Our moms are friends,” April said, brushing her daughter’s black beret with her hand. “And Mr. Clark and I used to be pen pals.”

It was the entire truth of the matter, but his heart twisted anyway. Keeping his expression parade-neutral, Justin acknowledged April’s statement with a nod. “For years, yes.” He met April’s eyes again. “I never got to congratulate you on your marriage.”

April and her daughter drew closer to one another, their gloved hands clasped with a mutual love and protection that warmed him, despite his inner turmoil. He wanted to look away, to give them a moment of privacy—something told him it would be right—but he couldn’t.

“John passed away last year, Justin,” April said quietly. “Didn’t your mom tell you?”

“No, and I’m so sorry.” He was, too, as it happened. “Please accept my condolences.”

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