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Season Six?

No, still no idea as to when, precisely, Season Six of History Channel's VIKINGS will be airing, but I am fairly certain Lissa Bryan and I will be on Twitter when it does! And my recaps for next season will be found in Layne's Lines! See you then!

Acknowledgment Page, Unplugged!

In Mac's Daring Heart, my "front and back matter" didn't make it to the presses, which made me very sad. But! I have a website, do I not? Of course I do. And I can write and link and thereby show everyone ALL THE WONDERFUL PEOPLE I relied upon to create Mac's Daring Heart, published by Sweet Promise Press. Mac's Daring Heart is dedicated to my brother and sister, who have given me sterling examples of sibling-hood. The ups and the downs, the laughs and the shouts. They're the best. Sydney Logan: Instigator and Encourager! She asked me to submit for consideration for the series and was an awesome series lead. Fielding my weird questions and such every other day is a trial, I’m sure! I may hav
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