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Vikings are BACK: The Revelation (S5, E11)

Welcome back! It is great, as always, to work and watch VIKINGS with Lissa Bryan, author, history whiz, and all-around woman of awesome. We're back on twitter, if you're looking for our Vikings snark and commentary, at #ShieldGeeks. We are the #ShieldGeeks, out to protect the innocent from anachronisms! Lissa Bryan is a noteworthy author and historian who takes a delight in finding the real truths of history. Check out her website at www.lissabryan.com. And if you're looking for our recaps on Seasons 1-4, check out my former blog HERE. Lissa: Here we are again and it feels like it’s been forever! I really missed this show during the hiatus! Sandi: Oh, me too. My website indicated that the la
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