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VIKINGS: The Departed (S5 E1)

Heillir! And we're back! The Shieldmaidens of History—protecting the innocents from anachronisms—welcome you to our ongoing, avid, and sometimes snarky discussions of History Channel's VIKINGS. Lissa Bryan is a noteworthy author and historian who takes a delight in finding the real truths of history. Check out her website at www.lissabryan.com. “100% more evisceration talk than expected.” “These chicks are machines!” - Steve, No Ship Network (CHECK THEM OUT FOR THEIR PODCASTED RECAPS AND FEEDBACK ‘CASTS! AND YES, WE DID ONE, TOO!) Lissa: Aaaaaand we’re back! Tonight, Vikings had their two-hour premier and I started off the episode with painful technical difficulties, so Sandi will have to de

Day Five

This keyboard looks rather like mine. I like the backlighting, even if I only rarely type in a dark room lately. For me, the "what" of typing is important. My keyboard is still suffering from intermittently disobedient keys, which can totally derail the writing train. Ugh! Your "ugh" might come from a different source. I've heard: Work is super-busy. Children are loud/uncooperative/Always There. Holidays are driving someone mad. Just can't keep up with the daily word count. The words are not coming. All of these are real reasons. They are all impactful on writing. Every single one of them. Home and family are most definitely priorities, and writing is work. I know all of this. If during this
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