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Less than a Week to Go!

Have you done a NaNoWriMo Preparation Checklist? Story basics (main characters, story flow maybe, desired outcome) Story particulars (researched details, outline if wished for, stuff you want to make sure is in there) Atmosphere (where and when will you write?) Family & Friends know not to talk to you for a month Support Squad if required Have you checked off all of the above that apply to you? GREAT! Now what? Do not obsess over NaNo, that’s what. Get your NaNo flair, show it around if you want, but otherwise . . . BREATHE. Really. Do some reading for pleasure. Engage in other hobbies. Visit friends. Binge-watch a favorite or new show on Netflix or something. Do stuff that—if you do it duri

Do You Need a NaNo Support Squad?

When I started to write, being a novelist was basically, for me, working in a vacuum. I had ideas in my head that no one else really cared about. (My guys weren’t into Regency Romances. Go figure!) But I wrote anyway. For that first year, I wrote nearly incessantly, with the understanding of course that I was also a stay at home mom to a preschooler. This solo approach does not work for everyone, I know. When there is a big push for productivity, it is helpful to have folks who get it. For many in the NaNoWriMo insanity, this means finding other writers who are also pushing for 50K in 30 Days. Or for finding sympathetic folks who will cheer them on from the calm sidelines. Only you know what


Is 50,000 words intimidating? Too intimidating? Sometimes, folks look at that number as they prepare to begin the Month of Insanity (NaNoWriMo) and think there is no way they can manage it. I mean, fifty THOUSAND words? FIFTY THOUSAND?? It's a lot of words. Even broken down to 1,667 a day, it's a lot. Sure, if one is focused and in "the groove", a person can whip out a thousand words in an hour, so in less than two, the word count can be met. It CAN. But. "Can I do it?" is the question. I had a day recently. I whipped out approximately... Ready? .... Approximately 167 words in my book. Yep. Blistering, I know. At that pace, it'd take me ten months to get to

The Prep Talk

No, that wasn't a typo. :) I do enjoy Pep Talks, but before NaNo gets rolling, all those planning on participating often stress over preparing for the month. And it can be stressful, so that's cool. Basics for Prepping for NaNo: *Remember: This is voluntary. Keep it in perspective. *Every gain of words is a gain for your work in progress. The usual "daily goal" for NaNo is 1667 words. But you know what? If you can get 300 words done in a day? That's 300 more than you had the day before, so this is a plus. *Prepare your family/friends for your immersion into the chaotic mindset of a writer with a deadline, if they're not used to it. Promise them chocolate in December if they'll jus

New site, same chick

I've been wanting to tinker with the idea of a new website for a while now, but haven't been brave enough to venture forth. However, seeing how easy it was for my elder son to manage, I figured I could give it a go. If you're looking for ALL the posts from the Vikings show on History Channel, they're still up on my old blog. Just click here. There are so many that I'm not up to copying them all to this new location. So far, I've got a blog here, a page for the Éire's Viking Trilogy, and a page for my contemporary romances. I will be adding buy links and so on as I become more familiar with this new place. Thank you for following me here! #overcoffee
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